Sparkling Wine - Torboli Vini

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  • BRAND: Torboli Vini
  • CATEGORY: Vini Frizzanti
  • AVAILABILITY: pronta consegna

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Product description

Organic White Sparkling Wine - 3,414 bottles produced
Organic wine without sulphites obtained by the fermentation of grape juice only.
Training system: Trentino half pergola.-
Grapes: Chardonnay-Traminer - Pinot Grigio
Location: Hills north of Lake Garda in the municipality of Trento
Conferred vineyard area: Location Povo grapes from organic farming
Yield / ha: 85 q / Ha, 60 hl./Ha.
Soil, Altutudine, Exposure: Hills of morainic nature 250 s.l.m. exposure of the vineyards south-east Clayey soils mixed with gravel.
Conduction and harvest period: Manual in 10 kg crates, second decade of September.
Vinification: The method used to produce this sparkling wine is Martinotti or Charmat. Fermentation took place in a stainless steel container for a period of about 3 months. Following low temperature it was bottled with an isobaric bottling machine. This is the first sparkling wine produced with our technology, naturally without sulphites and other additives.

Organoleptic characteristics: Sparkling golden yellow color wine, full harmonious perfumed, slightly aromatic.
Pairings: Fresh cheese, fish dishes, also ideal with desserts especially the Trentino sbrisolona or Christmas sweets. Due to its digestibility and naturalness it is exalted simply by "eating". Temperature 4/6 ° cent.

Manufacturer's recommendations: The wines obtained with our winemaking technique are the product of the fermentation of grape juice without the addition of any type of additive and no manipulation that can alter the natural development of the wine.

Any deposit that can be observed on the bottom of the bottle does not preclude the authenticity of the wine, rather it testifies to its natural stability.

Wine analysis
Actual alcoholic strength by volume 12.00 ml / 100ml
Developed alcohol degree
Density at 20 ° C 0.9913
Specific gravity at 20 °
Total acidity in tartaric acid 5.51 g / l
Total acidity (as tartaric acid)
Total dry extract 19.89 g / l
Total dry extract
Reduced sugars expressed
in invert sugar 1.0 g / l
Reducing sugar as inverted sugars
Malic acid 0.10 g / l
Total undetectable sulfur dioxide <5 mg / l
Total sulphurous anhydride
Free undetectable sulfur dioxide <5mg / l
Free sulphurous anhydride
Volatile acidity in acetic acid 0.40 g / l
The goal is to allow the wine a natural stability and maturation. The wine presents itself for what nature gives without any type of intervention, the sensations of the bouquet and flavors are characterized by their wild fragrance and sincerity.

This is due to various factors: the lack of copper residues, the absolute absence of sulphites and not least the lack of heavy metals normally present in all wines where the grapes have not been previously washed. This is also why wine actually comes out of the evaluation parameters normally used by "sommelier" professionals.

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