Kerner 2018 - Torboli Vini

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  • BRAND: Torboli Vini
  • CATEGORY: White Wines
  • AVAILABILITY: pronta consegna

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Product description

Kerner Bianco IGT - 3,515 bottles produced
Sulfite-free wine, obtained by the fermentation of grape juice only.
Organoleptic characteristics: Variety obtained in 1969 by Herold A. by crossing Schiava grossa or Trollinger x Riesling Renano clone We S 25/30. Quite similar to Riesling from which it differs for a higher alcohol content and lower acidity. It also has less softness and a slightly unripe flavor. Delicate scent of aromatic herbs

Pairings: Fresh cheese, fish dishes, also ideal with desserts, especially the Trentino sbrisolona.

Producer notes: Our wines are produced without any additive, it is possible that in some varieties on the bottom of the bottles a slight deposit may be created.

This is due to the natural stabilization of the wine. A phenomenon that normally occurs in the first year in the bottle.

Natural stabilization is of fundamental importance both for the health of the consumer and for the integrity and completeness of the wine. Our choice not to chemically stabilize wines involves some considerations that we believe should be made known to you.

For optimal tasting, I recommend airing for a few hours, the product is stored without the presence of "reduced" oxygen, therefore it needs to "breathe" to enhance all its characteristics.

Analysis data: Enocentro Bussolengo Verona laboratory

Alcoholic degree



Red sugar Fehling

g / l


Density 20/20 electronic densimeter



Reduced extract Wstr.tot-sugars tot + 1

g / l


Total Extract

g / l


Total acidity

g / l


Volatile Acidity (Distillation)

g / l





Free Sulfur Dioxide

mg / l

<5 limit of detection

Total sulfur dioxide

mg / l

<5 limit of detection

Malic acid

g / l



Location of vines: Hills in the municipality of Rovereto north of Lake Garda 600 meters. s.l.m.

Vineyard area: Rovereto

Soil, Altitude, Exposure: Hills of morainic nature 600 m a.s.l. exposure of the southwest vineyards Clay soils mixed with gravel 600 s.l.m.

Training system: Guyot

Grapes: Kerner 100%

Yield / ha: 97 q / Ha, 70 hl./Ha.

Conduction and harvest period: manual in 10 kg crates.

Vinification: In white by means of the Willmes-inertis press with a soft pressure of 0.8 bar from "whole grapes" previously washed and dried. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature in the absence of peels and other vegetable parts.

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