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The aim is to extract the rich juce of the grapes without polluting it in the various processing phases in order to obtain a wine free from impurities with a “natural stability”

The process allows you to drink a “good” wine made from processing grape juice, without any additional additives. .


The grape is cultivated with organic systems found in the mild climate of the Lake Garda and cold from the Dolomites, the ideal combination for excellent maturing and developing of aromas and smells.

From a very though selection of grapes, the grapes are collected and put into small boxes with a maximum of 10kg

Afterwards the whole bunches are thoroughly washed in a food band in such a way that is possible to take off the surface of the skin, the remaining pesticides and above all the remains of the environmental pollution deposited onto the surface of the grape across the environmental precipitations.

Then the washed and dried grape is squeezed in a “loose” way to extract the juice: but for making red wine “before the squeezing of the grapes” the grapes are kept in horizontal wine storer until the colour is extracted from them.

After the fermentation the wine is stored without oxygen and after the cool stabilization of the wine it is bottled under “isobaric” bottling system.

The refining is done in the bottle, where the conservation is guaranteed by the absence of oxygen and the sterility of the bottle.

Across this process we have succeeded in obtaining an excellent quality of wine exalting the original flavours of the grape and the various characteristics.

But above all we have created wholesome wines that are exempt from toxic substances, including the notorious SO2 additive usually used in all of the traditional wine making, but also including in our manufacturing process.

(Whoever is interested in more information can contact us, we will be happy to illustrate the wine making process and respond to any questions.)

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